Character interviews

Click on the tab below for an in-depth look at each of the character from Forestium: The Mirror Never lies in these character interviews.


Interviewer So, Joshua, how does it feel to be the main protagonist in the Portallas book series?
Joshua Well, It’s OK, I guess. I don’t really think about it much. In fact, all I’ve been able to think about for some time now have been the trials.
Interviewer Trials? Is that some sort of ritual rite of passage?
Joshua I guess you could call it that. In Forestium, you have to pass the trials before you can call yourself a true Woodsman.
Interviewer Sounds like it might be something difficult?
Joshua It is. I have to know how to hunt, use weapons, make things, track animals and lots of other things. It’s a really big deal completing the trials. I was going to do it this year, but I had to leave Morelle to find my Dad.
Interviewer Find your Dad? What do you mean?
Joshua Well, Mum doesn’t talk about it much but he left when I was very young and, well, he didn’t come back. They tell me he died in battle but…I don’t know. I’ve been having these dreams and…well, anyway, we’ll see what happens.
Interviewer Ok, well I hope you find him. Let’s have a chat with Andrew over here.


Interviewer So, tell me, Andrew, how long have you been friends with Joshua here?
Andrew Since I can remember. We’ve grown up together so we’re practically brothers.
Interviewer I see. I bet you can tell me some funny stories about him then?
Andrew More than a few. He can be quite stubborn when he wants to but his heart is always in the right place.
Interviewer I bet. Are you practicing for these trials as well?
Andrew Sure am. We’ve been practicing at Lake Morelle for the past few months, Joshua and me, that is. Not that I need to practice, of course. It’s his aim that we need to work on.
Interviewer That’s great. Well, you keep helping him, Andrew, and I’m sure the two of you will pass through those trials with flying colours.


Interviewer So, who do we have here?
Sarah Oh, well, I’m Sarah. This is kind of awkward. I mean, I’m not very good at this interview thing. I mean I could be, but I’ve never really tried it. I suppose it’s really easy. All I have to do is answer your questions really, isn’t that right? I mean, I can do that. I talk to the animals all the time so it can’t be that different. Of course, they don’t talk back or anything. Well, I suppose they do but not the way you and I talk. I mean, that would be silly, and…
Interviewer Ahem. So, OK, tell me, Sarah. What do you do? I mean, what sort of skills do you have? Joshua tells me you have lots of skills.
Sarah Oh, gosh, well, I don’t know really. I mean I can cook, I suppose. Forestium has some wonderful shrooms and it’s easy enough to throw together some Liffle leaves or Bergle root or something. It’s amazing the number of ways you can cook boiled shrooms you know. Let’s see, oh, yes, well there’s hunting, which I guess I’m OK at. I mean, I’ve never caught a Wood-boar or anything but I did accidentally catch a Raetheon once. It sort of stumbled into my trap. You see, it had a broken wing and…
Interviewer Well, that’s terrific Sarah. I tell you what, since we don’t have a lot of time left, let’s move on and see who else we have to talk to.


Interviewer So, what's your name young man?
Galleon I’m not a young man! I’m an Imp. Don’t tell me! You’ve never heard of Imps either, right?
Interviewer Um, well, actually…no…I…
Galleon No, I’m not surprised. Honestly, you’d think people would be a bit more sensitive to these things after all these years.
Interviewer Um, OK…well…
Galleon Some interview this is. I mean really! I’ve had more interesting interviews with a Wood-boar that died of unnatural causes. I don’t suppose you have any Wood-wine around here either?
Interviewer Ok, perhaps you can tell me a bit about yourself. I understand you used to be a fisherman?
Galleon Fisherman? Me? No, that's not right. Like other Imps, I do come from the Southern Tip, which is a fishing port, but I've never been a fisherman myself. I did serve a few years on the trading ship the Southern Seas but that didn't last long.
Interviewer I see. Well, how did you meet Joshua? Isn't the Southern Tip a long way from Morelle?
Galleon Actually, he rescued me. I somehow managed to get caught in a Wood-boar net when the two youngsters here found me. I was travelling the land trying to find other Imps at the time.
Interviewer Have you been travelling the land for long?
Galleon Longer than I can remember. I mean honestly. I've been travelling so long, half the Ashfer trees in Forestium have grown up and died of boredom.
Interviewer Haha. Well, thanks for that, Galleon. I think we'll need to move on now.


Interviewer So, it says here your name is Fable, is that correct?
Fable Well of course it's Fable. I thought I told you that earlier.
Interviewer Um...indeed. And I understand you run an inn?
Fable That's right. Fable & Florelle's inn. We serve the best Wood-wine in all of Forestium.
Interviewer I see. And where it is?
Fable Middle of the Forest.
Interviewer Right. OK, so do you get many visitors in the middle of the forest?
Fable I suppose so.
Interviewer Aha. And I expect you are surrounded by lots of animals, too?
Fable That's right. Ruddy vermin. I keep telling her we're better off cooking and serving them but...
Interviewer OK, that's great. I think we'd better move on and have a chat with your lovely wife.


Interviewer And you must be Fable's lovely wife, Florelle?
Florelle Oh, yes, that's me. Thanks for saying so, me darling.
Interviewer It says here that you're the reason there are always so many animals around your inn. Can you tell me why that is?
Florelle Oh, well, someone's gotta look after 'em don't they dearie? Poor things. Injured forest creatures know to come to me and I’ll fix ‘em up good an’ proper.
Interviewer Wow, that's lovely. And what else do you do there at Fable & Florelle's inn?
Florelle Oh, well, I look after the customers and see that they're all fed good 'n proper. Me speciality is a pot of me 'ome made stew. It'll put 'airs on yer chest so it will.
Interviewer And do you get many customers?
Florelle Oh yes, we get 'em from far and wide. Traders mostly, mind. Not so many imps any more, though.
Interviewer Well, I hope business keeps up for you. Thanks for stopping by.


Interviewer And here we have, Melachor?
Melachor Yes, that's me.
Interviewer And what do you do?
Melachor I've been a Trader for many years. It takes me far and wide throughout Forestium, although I haven't been on the road for some time now.
Interviewer I see. And do you have a family?
Melachor Yes, my wife, Veloria and I have two small children, Sandor and Jared.
Interviewer I see. And where do you all live.
Melachor In the North - about a day's travel west of Temerelle. It's a quiet and out of the way place but we like it there.
Interviewer It must be nice to be able to spend so much time with you family now that you aren't on the road so much?
Melachor It is. There's nothing I wouldn't do for them.
Interviewer That's great. We should all be so lucky! Thanks for taking the time to come along today.


Interviewer Ok, we're now talking to Protello, do I have that right?
Protello Yes, that's correct.
Interviewer It says here you are a magical being that can become other things? What's that all about?
Protello That's true. I'm a Metamorph. We have special powers and can, as you say, become other things when the need arises.
Interviewer It looks like you've chosen to be a Woodsman for us today?
Protello Indeed. I thought it would be easier for you. It's probably not wise to try to interview a wild Wood-boar or Raetheon.
Interviewer Well, I suppose that's true. So what other special powers to you possess?
Protello All Metamorphs have healing powers.
Interviewer Really? I bet that must come in handy?
Protello We don't like to show our powers. It isn't wise for any of us to do so. He has eyes everywhere and it isn't always safe for us to be out in the open.
Interviewer He? Who are you talking about?
Protello Why the Goat, of course. There aren't many of my kind left because of Him.
Interviewer Hmmm. He doesn't sound like a very nice person.
Protello Indeed. Half man and half beast, the Goat has a vicious temper and is best avoided at all costs. But some of us have managed to elude him.
Interviewer OK, well I think we should wrap it up there. Thank you for stopping by.