Portallas is a series of fantasy adventure novels suitable for readers of middle grade, young adult and up. The series chronicles Joshua, a young Woodsman in the making, from the magical land of Forestium. Each book sees Joshua and his friends travel to new and exciting worlds, as they embark on adventures and battles against an evil villain. As more and more obstacles are thrown at him, Joshua must find three magical orbs in each world and bring them together to open the Portallas, a gateway that links each world to the underworld.

Joshua and the Magical Forest

Portallas book one

Enter a realm where magic battles dark forces and creatures of the Underworld come to wreak destruction. Joshua’s father is dead, but his dreams say otherwise. A young man sets out on a journey to seek answers from the Oracle. Can the mystical being help him discover the truth?

The path ahead is full of terrors, but Joshua befriends imps and traders on his travels across the realm, battling monsters and fiends. Along the way, he finds an unexpected romance, but all is not as it seems and gut-wrenching decisions must be made.

The quest thickens when Joshua discovers a mirror that can reveal the future. Will he regret knowing his destiny?

Magical artefacts may not prevent the imminent destruction looming near. To save the world, Joshua must perform heroic deeds, survive deadly battles and endure great sacrifice.

Will Joshua ever find his father? Can he be together with his one true love? Will all perish in an epic war, where evil shall claim victory?

Joshua and the Magical Forest is the first instalment in a high fantasy saga by New York Times Bestselling Author Chris Morgan. This young adult sword and sorcery novel is perfect for readers of all ages who enjoy an exciting story of action, adventure, and love.

Joshua and the Magical Islands

Portallas book two

As an enemy closes in, the stakes are higher than ever.

Joshua and his friends find themselves transported to a new and unfamiliar island realm, where our hero must once again find the three mystical orbs and open the Portallas to help free his people. His mortal enemy is still relentlessly in pursuit, and this time there may be no stopping him.

It isn't just Joshua's life that hangs in the balance, as all who live within the Archipelago are in mortal peril as well. Can Joshua free his people? Will he survive before the evil Goat destroys everything? Only one thing is certain: Sacrifices will need to be made.

This Young Adult Fantasy Adventure is the second in the Portallas series. Filled with intrigue and a battle of good against evil, it will resonate with fans of epic quests and magic.

Joshua and the Magical Temples

Portallas book three

When he wakes up in an unfamiliar world, Joshua finds many of his memories are gone.

With his life in immediate danger, he is forced to place his trust in a complete stranger sent by King Ahmoses III to help him. Meeting magical creatures along the way, Joshua and his friends must stay one step ahead of his mortal enemy if he's to stay alive and fulfil the king's wish. Joshua must restore a critical memory and bring to the king the knowledge buried deep within him that will help them all save this world.

Will Joshua make it to the capital before it's too late? Will his memories resurface in time? You won't know who to trust until the very end. This gripping adventure will have you squirming in your seat as good versus evil do battle in this epic magical quest.

Accompanying the Portallas novels are a set of three short stories, all freely downloadable. Each provides a bit of back-story for one of the main characters, showing how they came to be where we first find them at the start of the Portallas series in Joshua and the Magical Forest.

Galleon's Prime - a Portallas Short Story
Sarah's Farewell - a Portallas Short Story
Andrew's Mission - a Portallas Short Story

Galleon's Prime

a Portallas Short Sory

Here we learn a little about Galleon, an Imp that comes from a trading port called the Southern Tip, which is located in the far south of a world called Forestium. We first learn of Galleon in Joshua and the Magical Forest, which is book one in the Portallas series.

In Joshua and the Magical Forest, Galleon is befriended by Joshua, a young woodsman on a journey of discovery. Galleon is himself roaming the land in search of other Imps, as he believes he may be the last of his kind. Galleon’s Prime explains how Galleon came to be in this situation.

Sarah's Farewell

a Portallas Short Story

Sarah is a young Fixer, someone who makes and mends things, from the northern town of Jemarrah in the magical world of Forestium. We first meet Sarah in Joshua and the Magical Forest, which is book one in the Portallas series.

In Joshua and the Magical Forest, Sarah is befriended by Joshua, a young Woodsman from a distant village who has set off on a journey to find the truth about his father. Sarah herself is travelling the land on a journey of discovery—a sort of modern day gap year. In Sarah’s Farewell, we discover how it came to be that she has embarked on her journey.

Andrew's Mission

a Portallas Short Story

Andrew is a young Woodsman in training now living in the village of Morelle, which resides in the western part of Forestium. We first meet Andrew in Forestium: The Mirror Never Lies, which is book one in the Portallas series.

In Forestium: The Mirror Never Lies, Andrew joins his best friend, Joshua, who decides to go on an epic journey to help find the truth about his long-lost Father. In Andrew’s Mission, we discover how close the relationship is between Andrew and Joshua, as Andrew attempts to help save his best friend’s life by going in search of something that could very well kill him.