The magical world of Forestium has a rich history. This timeline identifies key events in the world’s past. Scroll down to learn more about this magical world…


[ 000 EF ]

Forestium calendar begins. Years are measured from this date.

Magical orbs come into existence

Magical orbs come into existence

[ 766 EF ]

The first of the 3 magical orbs comes into existence. This is soon followed by two more. How this happened is known only to legend. Conflicting stories exist to explain the orbs but each tale is just as unlikely as the next. Forestium knows three magical orbs. They are:

  • Orb of Vision
  • Orb of Time
  • Orb of Suffering

Each of the orbs are said to possess different magical powers but few people, if any, understand these powers.

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Mirror of Prophecy created

Mirror of Prophecy created

[ 770 EF ]

The Mirror of Prophecy was created by the Goat so that he could interact with Forestium without needing to enter the world fully. When the Goat infused the mirror with his magic, an unintended side-effect was to grant it the ability to show the viewer a piece of their future. The Goat is a loathsome creature filled with hatred and the only future that the mirror will show is that which the viewer will not wish to see

See also Magical Artefacts.

Southern Tip formed

Southern Tip formed

[ 780 EF ]

Growth of settlements in and around Forestium’s southernmost peninsula resulted in the town formally taking on the name Southern Tip. It was at this point that local Imps, predominantly fishermen, began commercialising their fishing activities. Within a few years, what was once a sleepy village of just a few Imp families turned into a bustling town that became a major hive of activity. The Southern Tip remains one of Forestium’s largest settlements to this day.

Jemarrah formed

Jemarrah formed

[ 785 EF ]

A group of inhabitants moved to Forestium’s far north to escape the brewing troubles that rapidly swept across central Forestium. They were the first to populate what has become one of the most thriving towns in the land. Jemarrah is named after the settlement’s first Elder, Sidous Jemarrah. Following the reduction in tribal feuds, it has become a melting pot of tribes from far and wide.

Great War of Forestium

[ 790 – 802 EF ]

The Great War of Forestium triggered a period of much unrest throughout the land. The war lasted for several years and claimed countless lives. Very few tribes were untouched by the troubles and many more smaller battles and skirmishes ensued as tit-for-tat retaliations fuelled the feuds for decades. Large swathes of Forestium’s eastern forests, beyond the River of Torrents, were lain waste as a result of the war. This landscape is now quite barren and scarcely populated.

Temerelle formed

Temerelle formed

[ 791 EF ]

Now known as the Crossroads of the North, Temerelle started life as a small settlement created by traders travelling the byways of Forestium’s north and west.

Goat begins wiping out Metamorphs

Goat begins wiping out Metamorphs

[ 794 EF ]

The Goat began systematically wiping out all Metamorphs from Forestium. Although they were never actually a threat to him, the Goat was deeply mistrusting of the Metamorphs due to their magical abilities to become other creatures and to heal the sick and wounded. Fiercely protective of his control over the land, the Goat believed the Metamorphs might one day rise up against him. Although brutal in his approach, the Goat was never able to completely eradicate the gentle Metamorphs and some still remain to this day.

Sarah’s father born

[ 801 EF ]

Sarah’s father, Albert, was born on this date. Albert came from a strong lineage of Warriors but was initially reluctant to accept the position of Warrior himself a few years after completing his trials. Married to Serelle, the couple had a single child, although they did adopt an orphan who’s parents died during a skirmish. After Serelle’s death at the hands of an invading tribe, Albert turned his attention to the building of a strong community in Jemarrah and was one of the Elders that established the Council of Elders that ultimately oversaw the return to peace throughout the land.

Battle of Berillian

[ 807 m2 – 807 m12 EF ]

The first major battle since the end of the Great War five years ago, the Battle of Berillian was a clan feud that lasted almost a year. The Berillian initiated the feud after suffering terrible defeats during the Great War. Several clan Warriors resolved to win back concessions lost during the war but the Berillians were eventually defeated and the clan was eventually wiped out altogether.

Fable born

[ 812 EF ]

Fable, the son of a wealthy Trader is born on this date. Although a happy child, Fable lived in the shadow of his highly successful father before branching out on his own when he was a teenager

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Battle of Grendelle

[ 813 m7 – 814 m1 EF ]

The Battle of Grendelle lasted just a few months but was probably one of the most fierce battles in Forestium’s history. The Grendelle Passage became a strategic trade route following the Great War and numerous tribes fought over its control. Despite an uneasy truce that was forged between the feuding tribe Elders, safe travel through the pass was eventually made possible.

Joshua’s father born

[ 814 EF ]

Joshua’s father, Sojath, is born on this date. Sojath was an accomplished Woodsman at a young age and quickly became a Morelle Warrior. He married Merinder, his childhood sweetheart and a Morelle Tender. Sojath and Merinder had two children, a Son, Joshua, and a daughter that was born three year later but died soon after childbirth.

Florelle born

[ 815 EF ]

Florelle is born on this date. A natural born Tender, Florelle grew up with a deep passion for forest creatures. Born in Forestium’s south, Florelle’s village was off the beaten track and she knew little of feuds during her childhood

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Galleon born

[ 816 EF ]

Galleon was born on this date. 36 years after the formation of the Southern Tip, the Imp was born and almost immediately orphaned as a result of a plague that swept through the region at the time. Having to fend largely for himself throughout his childhood, Galleon quickly learned to become self-sufficient and drifted from family to family. Turning his attention to fishing, he found work at sea but made his way back to dry land after just a few years

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Joshua’s mother born

[ 817 EF ]

Joshua’s mother, Merinder, is born on this date. Merinder came from a large family with 4 older sisters and a younger brother. Besotted with Sojath, Joshua’s father, from an early age, the Morelle Tender cared for many of the children in and around Morelle that were orphaned by the Forestium feuds.

Melachor born

[ 821 EF ]

Melachor was born on this date. Melachor experienced many troubles throughout his childhood. At the age of 6, he witnessed the death of his 2 older brothers during the Battle of Miranna. When he married and had children of his own, he became fiercely protective of them. Wanting to provide the very best for his family, he travelled the length and breadth of Forestium as a successful Trader

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Battle of Miranna

[ 827 – 831 EF ]

The Battle of Miranna lasted for 4 years and was really two separate battles back-to-back. The feud was between two of Forestium’s largest tribes but once the battle was over, and the Miranna tribe had won, a third tribe sought to take control and hostilities began again in earnest.

Isabelle born

[ 831 EF ]

Isabelle was born on this date. Isabelle led a carefree life for the first few years but was soon swept up in the turmoil that afflicted the rest of the land

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Fable goes into business

[ 832 EF ]

Using an inheritance from his wealthy father, Fable left home and started Fable’s Inn not far from his home village. Either by good planning or good fortune, the location he picked to construct the inn proved to be a big success and he profited from a steady influx of Traders.

Fable & Florelle marry

[ 833 EF ]

Immediately after they marry, Fable & Florelle begin running the inn together and rename it to Fable & Florelle’s Inn. The pair run the inn quite successfully for a number of years.

Isabelle adopted

[ 834 EF ]

At the tender age of five, Isabelle was orphaned when her parents and two older brothers were killed. Hostilities had flared up nearby her village and her family were caught by surprise when travelling back home. Isabelle was taken in and adopted at the time by the Jemarrah Elder. He had been involved in the skirmish that ultimately led to her being orphaned and felt responsible for the child, who was the only surviving member of her family.

Joshua’s parents marry

[ 835 EF ]

Merinder & Sojath marry in the western village of Morelle. The couple build a home of their own and live a happy life together.

Joshua is born

[ 837 m2 EF ]

Joshua is born to Merinder and Sojath in the western village of Morelle

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Andrew is born

[ 837 m6 EF ]

Andrew is born to Valena and Alfred not far from Temerelle.

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Sarah is born

[ 837 m11 EF ]

Sarah is born to Serelle and Albert in Forestium’s northernmost town of Jemarrah

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Galleon goes out to sea

[ 838 EF ]

Having moved somewhat aimlessly from job to job, Galleon secures the position of First Mate on the trading vessel the Southern Seas and spends the next several years training to become Captain.

Andrew orphaned

[ 839 EF ]

A skirmish just outside of Temerelle leaves Andrew orphaned. He is just two years old and is taken back to Morelle, where he is taken in and raised alongside other war orphans.

Joshua’s sister is born

[ 840 EF ]

Joshua’s sister is born but tragically dies very soon thereafter during a raid on the village of Morelle. Joshua’s sister was never named and he was never made aware of her brief existence.

Joshua’s father leaves for battle

[ 841 EF ]

A year after the death of Joshua’s sister, Sojath leaves Morelle for battle. Presumed dead, he does not return and Joshua grows up without a father.

Goat banishes the Imps

Goat banishes the Imps

[ 843 EF ]

Enraged to learn that the Imps have taken possession of one of the three magical orbs, the Goat systematically eradicates them all from the Southern Tip.

Battle of the Northern Pass

[ 844 – 847 EF ]

Taking place mostly in the northern crossroads town of Temerelle, the Battle of the Northern Pass is fought over the right of passage between the north and central Forestium. The battle claims many innocent lives and becomes a pivotal event that leads to the Council of Elders a few years later.

Joshua and Andrew become friends

[ 845 EF ]

Serelle introduces her son, Joshua, to Andrew when the boys are eight years old. They quickly become inseparable and have remained very close friends ever since.

Galleon searches for other Imps

[ 846 EF ]

Upon his return from sea, Galleon realises he may be the last Imp alive. He sets off on a great journey throughout the land, trying to find out whether there are any other Imps left alive.

Council of Elders

[ 847 EF ]

Led by the Jemarrah Elder, a conference is organised between the various feuding tribes throughout Forestium. Elders from across the land get together and hammer out a mutual non-aggression pact. This proves to be a pivotal moment that ushers in an era of peace throughout Forestium. The feuds quickly die down and a new generation grows up in a more peaceful world.

Joshua leaves Morelle in search of his father

[ 853 EF ]

Joshua has a series of nightmares in which he believes he sees his father in great suffering. This is an itch he just has to scratch, so he decides to set off to find the truth about his father.