PORTALLAS is full of magical worlds with magical artefacts. Click on the name of the artefact below to find out more about it …

Mirror of Prophecy

Mirror of prophecyThe mirror of prophecy may be used to see briefly into the future. However, the vision may not be something the viewer wishes to see. Also, the mirror can be used by the Goat to reach into FORESTIUM.

Orb of Time

Orb of time (icon)Magical orb found in FORESTIUM. An experience with the Orb of Time will take you to some point, either in the past or the future, that is significant to your destiny.

Orb of Vision

Orb of vision (icon)Magical orb found in FORESTIUM. The Orb of Vision can be used to commune with the Goat, although this is ill advised, as the Goat has incredible discipline of mind and uses this skill to manipulate you to his advantage.

Orb of Suffering

Orb of suffering (icon)Magical orb found in FORESTIUM. The Orb of Suffering, when combined with the other orbs from FORESTIUM, will trigger the opening of the PORTALLAS. However, only one that has experienced true suffering can activate this particular orb.

Orb of Sacrifice

Magical orb found in ARCHIPELAGO.Orb of sacrifice (icon)

Orb of Sunshine

Magical orb found in ARCHIPELAGO.Orb of sunshine (icon)

Orb of Flight

Orb of flight (icon)Magical orb found in ARCHIPELAGO.