Joshua and the Magical

When he wakes up in an unfamiliar world, Joshua finds many of his memories are gone.

With his life in immediate danger, he is forced to place his trust in a complete stranger sent by the King Ahmoses III to help him. Joshua and his friends must stay one step ahead of his mortal enemy if he's to stay alive and fulfil the king's wish. Joshua must restore a critical memory and bring to the king the knowledge buried deep within him that will help save this world.

Will Joshua make it to the capital before it's too late? Will his memories resurface in time? You won't know who to trust to the very end. This gripping adventure will have you squirming in your seat as good versus evil do battle in this epic magical quest.

This Young Adult Fantasy Adventure is the third in the Portallas series. Filled with magic, betrayal and a race against time, it will resonate with fans of epic quests and magic.