Bringing magical animals to life

When writing, I'm often looking for the right balance between being very descriptive and leaving things to the imagination of the reader. This is especially true of the magical animals that I use to create the world. It's not an exact science and it doesn't matter where on the spectrum you end up, it will never please everyone. One of the benefits of having an author web-site, like this one, is that I can add more information to help bring things even more to life.

Wild Grassland Flarrets

Flarrets (medium)


I've been able to add information such as back-story about each of the characters, what roles exist in the story, detail about the various magical artefacts, an interactive map of the FORESTIUM world and also the various flora and fauna.


woodboar (medium)



Since a picture tells a thousand words, I have been able to describe the various animals in more detail through the various illustrations that are included in the book. The animals come even more to life with some great sound effects (courtesy of a very good friend of mine, Nat, who is also listed in the FORESTIUM acknowledgements section). The illustrations and accompanying audio really do help bring the fictitious animals to life.


Dengle bugs (medium)



  • Alex Reply

    I love how all the images bring the story to life!
    I also love the background noises on this blog! very tranquil!
    I can just imagine waking up in the forest with noises like this 🙂

  • Chris Morgan Reply

    Thanks, Alex. Glad you’re liking the web-site 🙂

  • Nat Pollard Reply

    It was great fun helping design the animal sounds for the PORTALLAS website. Awesome to hear them in context!

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