It’s a small world after all

Writing a novel has mostly involved me sitting at a keyboard and churning out chapter after chapter. In many ways, that was the easy part. Perfecting the novel and bringing it to market, on the other hand, has been a much bigger challenge and has involved numerous people from all over the globe.

An endearing feature of the modern world is that expertise, if you know where to look, can be readily found - and at every price point. The Internet is a big place and it can be unwieldy to the uninitiated. Many a time I've trawled through search results looking for someone to provide some service or other only to find myself frustrated at having lost another couple of hours of my life to the great digital vacuum.

Along the path to getting Forestium: The Mirror Never Lies published, I've engaged with editors, beta readers, illustrators graphical artists, audio specialist and many other service providers. People from Australia to Romania, from Canada to England and from Holland to the Philippines have all had a hand in aiding me in my efforts to get my book across the line.

I guess it's fitting irony that now that the book is out there, it's again circulating the globe as readers from every country imaginable now have access to it and are enjoying reading it. It really is a small world after all.

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